FIMO Air granite effect 350g

FIMOair Granite - Effect 350g can be used to create granite-like artwork without the need for an oven as it air dries.

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FIMOair with granite effect 350g

FIMOair granite - effect at 350 grams imitates granite very well and dries in the air.

Ideal for art, leisure and hobby as well as educational purposes in schools, kindergartens and other similar facilities.

Important features:

- tested by independent toxicologists

- looks like granite

- ready to use

- at least 80% natural raw materials

- nice look and feel, doesn't stick

- no burning process is necessary

- smooth consistency

- hardened models can be processed by: filing, grinding, drilling, painting, varnishing

FIMOair Granite-Effect does not require special preparation before use. Modeling clay dries in the air without the need for burning. It is made of 80% natural materials and is therefore a perfect product for children over 3 years of age.

The foil packaging prevents drying.

Does not harden in the oven or microwave.

ATTENTION: Product for children over 3 years old, but under the strict supervision of adults.

After modeling, do not intervene on the product until after it is dry and hardened.

Do not speed up the drying process by exposure to the sun or other heat sources because the risk of subsequent cracking is greatly increased.

Drying process: takes from 24 hours to several days depending on the thickness of the modeled object. During the process, the object must be rotated, turned, so that it dries evenly over the entire surface. During the process the water in the material evaporates and reduces the surface of the modeled object by approximately 7%.

The price is per piece of 350 grams.

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