FIMOair Natural 350g

FIMOair Natural in packs of 350 g, appearance and natural ingredients, present in 2 colors: white and sand brown, price per 1 piece.

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FIMOair Natural 350g

FIMOair Natural is a water-based modeling paste, ready for use that dries itself at room temperature. After it has dried, you can continue working with it (by drilling, sculpting, painting). It is made of 95% natural materials and, thanks to the cellulose fibers it contains, it has, in particular, a natural wood look. After hardening, FIMOair Natural is hard and incredibly resistant to breakage, so it is recommended for making dolls and puppets.

FIMOair Natural tips and tricks

- it is best to use a plastic bag or foil as a work surface, as FIMO will not stick to the table and you will keep your workplace clean

- You should have a bowl of water near you to moisten your hands and work tools

- if you want to take a break, sprinkle the unfinished work with water and put it in a tight, plastic bag

- the unused material must be slightly moistened and placed in a sealed plastic bag, so you can use it for a maximum of one month, normally

- for large works, you can use a polystyrene interior to save material, make the work easier and shorten the drying time

- using wire and wooden frame, you can stabilize the edges and protrusions

- when you want to attach components, moisten the connection points a bit

- the surface can be smoothed with wet fingers or spatulas, very easily

- if cracks appear during drying, they can be covered with fresh material

- during drying, rotate the work so that the support surfaces stay in the air to dry

- you can get interesting effects on the surface by printing it with different textures (which can also be found on FIMO), or with any object that can leave marks by pressing

- all acrylic or tempera paints can be used on the surface

- Natural FIMOair resembles wood in texture.

FIMOair Natural 350g - color palette

FIMOair Natural is only manufactured in white and sand brown.

8150-02 - edelweiss - alb

8150-7 - sandstone - sandy sea

Discontinued colors:

8150-175 - mustard flower

8150-272 - red earth

8150-266 - erica

8150-62 - lavander

8150-551- reed

8150-750 - cocoa

8150-83 - slate

The price is 1 pack per 350 grams.

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