Payment and delivery

Minimum order

In order to validate the order, the minimum value of the ordered products (without transport) must be at least 40 lei.

Order confirmation

Once you have completed the order, we will call you as soon as possible. It is mandatory to answer the phone to confirm the order, the name and the destination address of the order, otherwise the order will not leave us. You may also receive an automatic order confirmation email (but sometimes this can be turned off by us). If the order confirmation email reaches the spam or junk list, please set our emails to reach the Inbox.

Invoice, certificates, instructions

In the package you should find the invoice, the warranty certificate and the instructions for use. An electronic version of the invoice in PDF format can be downloaded anytime and whenever you want from your account, under the "Orders" section. For legal entities, we send the invoice to the company if you have left the complete company data in the address field or in the comments.

Is the price with or without VAT?

Our company is paying VAT and the price displayed is the one you pay effectively for the product, with VAT. The cost of transport can be added, if applicable (please read below).

How do I pay?

1. Secure card payment, directly on the website

You can pay directly on the website, with the card. The payment is secure and will not retain your card data for a subsequent payment. You also have other advantages: you no longer have to worry about having cash on delivery, someone else can pick up the parcel without having to pay, the possibility of making a mistake in the refund amount is completely avoided, order processing and delivery will be faster. You can give someone a gift like this: order from the website, pay with your card, and we will ship the order to that person. In this case, you should specify that it is a gift.

2. Refund payment upon delivery

When you pick up the package from the courier or the post office, you will have to pay the refund. If you want to give a gift to another person (who will not pay the value of the refund products on delivery), you will have to pay for the order before delivery by another payment method.

3. Bank transfer (Payment Order)

If you want to pay by bank, you must choose to pay by bank transfer. By choosing this payment method, your order will be delivered to you as soon as the money has entered your account. To quickly identify your payment, please make sure that if the name of the payer is not the same as the name with which you placed the order, enter the order identification data (name of the person who placed the order or order number or invoice) to the payment details. It is best that we first process the order, then send you the amount to be paid and then you make the payment.

You can pay both online (internet banking) and at a Garanti Bank counter. If you pay at the bank counter, you must have your identity card with you. A copy of the invoice is not required at the counter, although you can have it with you just in case. If the bank employee asks you for a copy of the invoice or any other proof of purchase of the products and you do not have it, please insist, because in the working instructions concluded between Helener Store Online SRL and GarantiBank do not provide this obligation. You will need to complete the Payment Order with the following details:

• Name of payment beneficiary: SC Helener Store Online SRL

• Beneficiary address: bd. Socola 134, Iași - 700187

• Beneficiary bank: Garanti Bank, A. Panu branch, Iași

• IBAN bank account: RO43UGBI0000062042113RON

• SWIFT bank account: UGBIROBU

• Trade Register: J22 / 1525/2020

• Unique Registration Code: 42756337

When do we ship the order and when does it arrive?

While placing your order, you will need to choose your payment method.

If you choose the cash on delivery method on delivery, the package will be prepared and delivered to the courier of your choice on the same day or at the latest on the next working day when you issue the order.

If you have chosen the method of payment by bank transfer, the package will be prepared and will be delivered to the courier of your choice on the same day or at the latest on the next working day after confirmation of payment by the bank.

We usually ship packages on the same day you place the order (especially if the order is placed by 2pm), but this is not always a certainty.

The delivery time to you, calculated from the moment of delivery to the courier, should be between one day and two days if you have chosen a fast courier or between one day and three days if you have chosen the Romanian Post. You must keep in mind that once the package has left us, we have no influence on the delivery time.

You can track the route of shipments through courier services by entering the AWB number here: DPD AWB Tracking, Cargus AWB TrackingSameday AWB Tracking, Romanian Post AWB Tracking or Fan Courier AWB Tracking.

3. Shipments abroad

For shipments abroad, the products are shipped only after the payment in the bank of the products and the transport chosen by the customer has been collected. The cost of transport abroad differs from the one set on the site and depends on: the country of destination, the courier chosen and the weight of the package. It is best that we first process the order, then send you the amount to be paid and you make the payment.

The cost of transport

For abroad we send with Romanian Post at these rates: international postal rates Post.

Romanian Post - internal parcels

Orders over 200 lei - free shipping by Romanian Post

Orders between 150 and 200 lei - add 7 lei to the cost of transport by Romanian Post

Orders less than 150 lei - 15 lei is added to the cost of transport by Romanian Post

At the moment, it no longer delivers parcels with the Romanian Post for pick-up from Post Offices on the basis of a notice. For this type of delivery, Romanian Post has specific rules: Transport by the Romanian Post with personal pick-up on the basis of a notice from the offices of the Romanian Post is understood to be made to the address in the Identity Card (bulletin) or to an address where you can certify that you are the owner or legal resident (floating), according to the rules of the Romanian Post (it's not our rule!). If not, the parcel will be sent either by express courier or by Post to POSTRESTANT, to the Post Office that is most convenient for you to go to. The POSTRESTANT service costs an additional 2.50 lei, whatever the value of the order. In order to pick up the package from the Romanian Post Office, you must present yourself with an identity document and the name on the Identity Card must correspond exactly to the name on the package.

If the package is sent to a company, you must have a stamp or a power of attorney from the company (you can not pick up packages on the company only with your personal identity card). In this case, the receipt issued by the Post Office is also the proof of payment of the order (receipt of payment of the invoice, which goes to accounting).

Fan Courier / DPD / Cargus / Sameday (depends on who we work with when ordering)

Orders over 300 lei - free shipping

Orders less than 300 lei - 19.50 lei is added to the cost of transport

Packages are sent under these conditions only within the coverage of Fan Courier / DPD / Sameday / Cargus, for localities outside the coverage is charged an additional fee (see Fan Courier coverage network, Fan Courier locations with difficult access, Fan Courier localities with restricted access). Attention: the courier has a predetermined delivery schedule, on its areas. Neither we nor you can make the delivery schedule. In addition, once the delivery address is established, you cannot ask them to change the delivery address even if it seems to you a minor effort.

How do I get discounts?

A) Permanent discounts on the website

1. Quantitative reductions: price reductions are available for certain products when purchasing a minimum quantity of products. The discount is applied automatically by the system when you order the minimum quantity. Discounts are visible on the product description page. The quantitative reduction is not applied to telephone or e-mail orders.

2. discounts on transport: for orders over 150 lei, the transport is free by Romanian Post, if it is more than 300 lei, the transport is free by FAN Courier/ DPD/ Cargus/Sameday.

3. loyalty points: for each valid order placed with us (the order must have the status SHIPPED, ie from the moment it left us), the system registers a certain number of loyalty points that depend on the value of the order. For example, for 1 lei of purchases (only products, not the value of transport) you receive 1 loyalty point (loyalty) worth 0.05 lei (in other words, you have a 5% discount on the value of orders given to us, permanently, under form of loyalty points). Loyalty points can be converted into discount coupons for other purchases. Log in (click on the top right where it says LOGIN), then tap your name in the top right (or MY ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page), and then tap MY LOYALTY POINTS. There you turn the points into a coupon (it gives you a code, that is). You pass that code in the command, in the COUPONS field (attention: if you copy-paste, don't copy spaces before or after the code, by mistake!). The discount coupon must be used within one year of its creation, then it is canceled. The discount coupon can be used for orders over 150 lei. If you do not have an order higher than 150 lei, you cannot use the loyalty points, but the system will add them, anyway, to the account, for the moment when you will manage to create a higher order. It is advisable to place orders from only one account, so that loyalty points accumulate in that account only. If you forget your account password or email address, do not create another account, but contact us as soon as possible.

Example of using loyalty points:

order 1 - products worth 100 lei - after sending the order you will have 100 points

order 2 - products worth 200 lei - after sending the order you will have 200 points, and cumulated with the previous ones: 300 points in total

order 3 - products worth at least 150 lei (mandatory to use the points), enter the account, change the 300 loyalty points in a coupon (the system gives you a code) that you add to the order in the COUPONS field and the system will give you a discount of 15 lei and you will pay 135 lei (150 - 15 = 135 lei). After sending the order, the system will register 135 loyalty points in total.

4. recommendation program

You can recommend our site to friends. Go to your account (login, click on your name in the upper right corner and click on "Referral program". You must fill in their name, surname and e-mail address and press validation. When friends create your account with us, you will have to fill in the box: "Sponsor's e-mail address" your e-mail address.After they create their account, on their first order, the system automatically creates two discount coupons , one for him and one for you, worth 8 lei.

Once your friends have created an account and passed on your email address as a sponsor, it immediately goes into the "Sponsored Friends" category.

If, after a while, you see that your friends haven't created any accounts, you can remind them: go to "Pending friends", check them, and tap "Remind friends."

The email addresses of your friends will only be used by to send them your recommendation (invitation to create an account on our site), they will not be alienated.

Currently, the discount coupon for the sponsorship program is 8 lei for each friend.

B) Temporary discounts on the website

1. Promotions: During certain periods of time, usually around the Holidays (Christmas, Easter, anniversary, etc.), discounts are granted that can be applied to certain products or to the total value of the order.

2. Discount coupons (Vouchers): Also during certain periods of time (usually holidays), customers registered on our page are granted voucher codes: codes that they can enter when issuing an order to benefit from the discount. These vouchers can also be given from other sites or various third parties. Vouchers can be: value (with a fixed value), or percentage (a certain percentage of the value of the shopping cart).

Missing goods?

Before closing the packages, the orders are checked again; there are 2 checks performed by 2 different people before an order is shipped. Therefore, there is very little chance that something is missing. Please, before reporting any omission, once again compare the invoice with the goods received. There is a possibility that you are wrong: sometimes customers think they have ordered other products even though they have not, sometimes some products or several quantities of products are put in the same bag. However, if you still miss a product, please notify us urgently: by phone at 0743.940.046 but also, obligatorily, by e-mail at office @ will check stocks and the entire order process and will respond to you as soon as possible. will refund your money for the missing goods (on account or by money order). You may also be able to pay less for your next order. will NEVER send the missing products, but will only refund their value. ATTENTION: If you do not find certain products in the package even though they appear on the invoice, to restore the whole process it is mandatory, please keep all the original packaging, both the inner (foil, paper, bags, etc.) and outer protection elements ( envelopes, boxes, etc.).

Return of goods

If you have any dissatisfaction or questions regarding the goods that have been delivered to you, it would be best, for a start, to contact us at 0743.940.046 or by e-mail at: office @ This way, you can get answers on how to solve your problem.

We will not tolerate customers who do not pick up orders from the Post Office or the courier, for a civilized online commerce, we will exclude future collaboration with these customers. Collaboration with them can continue under the conditions: payment of round-trip transport fees and payment in the bank before sending other orders. We can understand accidents in this regard, but we cannot tolerate indifference.

The products purchased from us can be returned without any problem, without penalties and without invoking any reason, in accordance with the law, if:

- the products are shipped within 14 days from the date of receipt by you

- the returned products show no signs of damage, use or wear. For products that do not match or are missing, the money will not be refunded.

- the package was sent at your expense. Parcels received with cash on delivery to the destination will be refused.

- the package was sent to the address: SC Helener Store Online SRL, OP3 CP742, Iași - 700780. will refund your money by postal order or bank transfer, within 10-30 days from the date of return of the products. Please note: the payment for the round-trip transport of the goods, other expenses involving the returned goods, are the responsibility of the customer. only returns the value of the products.

The consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 working days from receipt of the product or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract.

National Authority for Consumer Protection

Consumer phone: 0800-080-999 - free telephone line in the Romtelecom network

Iași County Commissariat for Consumer Protection Address: str. Toma Cozma, no. 11, Iași, code 700554, Tel .: 0232-278.233 Fax: 0232-278.234 E-mail:



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