FIMO paste is a polymeric FIMO modeling paste that hardens under the action of the heat of an oven. There are many brands on the market, but the FIMO brand has gained its reputation for its quality but also for the fact that it can be found fresh and easy to buy.

Modeling paste or modeling paste is of several types, depending on the materials of which it is composed: ceramic clay, resin (oil-based paste), polymeric paste (PVC-based), paper paste (based on cellulose). Polymer-based modeling paste can be found on the market under several brands: FIMO paste, Sculpey, Darwi, etc. FIMO modeling paste is based on PVC. After being shaped, most often, the paste hardens by baking. Polymer clay can be cut, drilled, painted, etc. The clay is based on natural water-based material, mixed with other materials, but it also bakes at high temperatures, forming porcelain or other types of ceramics (terracotta, faience, vitrified ceramics, etc.). FIMO paste comes to cover many of these types: polymer paste (FIMO Classic paste - now replaced by FIMO Professional, Effect, Soft, FIMO Kids - recently released), ceramic paste (FIMOair Basic, Light and Natural), cellulose paste (FIMOair Paper Mache - no longer manufactured, FIMOair Natural). Most often, beginners prefer FIMO Soft because it is a little easier to model than FIMO Professional. FIMO Effect is more similar to malleability than FIMO Professional, but it has different introduced effects (translucency, phosphorescence, metallic effect, glitter or glitter, stone-marble effects, granite, etc.).

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