FIMO Professional 454g

FIMO Professional 454g - 24 colors with pure pigments, good results in mixtures, stable dimensional, resealable packages, price per 1 pack of 454g. The Doll Art range completes the Professional range with skin color shades.

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Types of FIMO
  • Professional
  • Professional Doll Art
  • Snow
  • Beige
  • Seashell
  • Champagne
  • Burlywood
  • Walnut
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FIMO Professional 454 g

FIMO Professional in packs of 454 grams - the new FIMO paste that comes to replace the Classic is now packaged in 454 grams.

The new FIMO paste has different advantages that make it special for advanced users, artists and professionals:

- colors with pure pigments, light colors, allowing mixing and obtaining bright colors

- good stability of shape and size after baking, which allows working with complicated techniques

- allows best work with watermarked patterns, colors do not mix easily

- easy and resealable opening system so that it does not dry easily

- the paste is Made in Germany

FIMO Professional 454 g instructions for use

Knead and shape the FIMO Professional paste. For processing, use the accessories - tools from the FIMO range. Do not place FIMO paste that has not yet hardened on furniture, carpets, textiles, parquet. Place the FIMO paste on an aluminum foil or baking paper and place it in the preheated oven at 110 °. Let it harden for 30 minutes. If you do not have a thermometer oven, use a thermometer from the FIMO range. FIMO Professional will have the degree of hardening only after cooling to room temperature.

Further processing: You can start further processing (painting, varnishing, drilling, polishing, sanding) only after the object has cooled. A two-component epoxy adhesive is suitable for gluing broken parts but also for gluing pieces of material. Do not touch objects created by food, sticks, crockery, open flames.

Storage: Keep the remaining FIMO paste in aluminum foil or PE bags. Do not bring FIMO into contact with polystyrene, PVC and expanded polystyrene.

Safety: FIMO Professional is a material designed for creation and not a toy. Do not exceed the baking temperature of 110 ° C for a maximum of 30 minutes. Do not use a microwave oven. Do not bridge FIMO in contact with open flame, hot objects. Do not use the oven at the same time as preparing the food ...

FIMO Professional color range:

The range of colors with the original name and the corresponding color on our website. The colors considered pure by the FIMO manufacturer have the codes of hundreds (100, 200, 210, 300, 500).

8041-0 white

8041-02 champagne

8041-1 yellow lemon (with shade of green)

8041-100 - pure yellow (not so pure, with shade of amber yellow color)

8041-17 - ochre

8041-200 - pure red

8041-210 - pure magenta

8041-23 - bordeaux

8041-29 - carmine

8041-300 - pure blue

8041-32 - turquoise

8041-33 - ultramarine

8041-34 – marine / navy blue

8041-4 - orange

8041-5 - sapgreen

8041-500 - pure green (not so pure...)

8041-57 - leaf green

8041-6 - purple

8041-61 - violet

8041-62 - lavender - light purple - orchide

8041-74 - terracotta

8041-77 - chocolate

8041-80 - dolphin gray - light gray

8041-9 - black

Professional Doll Art range, with skin color shades::

8071-03 - porcelain

8071-432 - rose

8071-435 - cameo

8071-44 - beige

8071-45 - sand

8071-78 - nougat

FIMO Professional price

The price is 1 pack of 454 grams, one color!

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