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The most beautiful books for children and babies! Interesting educational books for early education, books with beautiful stories and special photos, coloring books for good and intelligent children! brings you cheap books for children and babies! Read them with your juniors, spend time and learn with the kids!

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"Excavatorul" encourages children to experience the joy of imitating or trying new things, with the range of emotions they can experience.
"Castelul cavalerilor" the 9th book of the Junior series, entitled The Castle of the Knights, aims to show children how life was going in a castle.
"Tractorul" the 11th appearance in the Junior series, presents to children the most used agricultural machine, as well as the work done with its help.
"Ce mâncăm?" In the book, children will find out why they should eat and drink, they will get acquainted with the main tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter.
"Vapoare" Children have thousands of questions: - What happens in a port? - What ships sail on rivers? - How are ships built?
"Să ne cunoaștem corpul" The first appearance in the collection Why? Why? Why? for the age category 4-7 years, deals with the composition and functioning of the human body.
"Totul despre fotbal" Richly illustrated, with explanatory windows, the book offers knowledge about the origins of the game, the rules according to which the "king sport" is played.
"Conni și olița" Connie is determined, she doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore! So he goes to town with his mother to buy a potty, a beautiful one, with polka dots…
"Conni merge la dentist" Conni discovers he has a decayed tooth. He needs to go to the dentist. At first Conni is a little scared, but my father reassures her.
"Conni şi bebeluşul" Conni notices that, with each passing day, her mother is gaining more and more weight. Finally, it is clear why: the mother will have a baby!
"Conni la plajă" Conni is on vacation at sea. Of course, Conni does not go to the beach alone, but accompanied by her mother and father. And her crocodile, Fridolin.
"Conni merge la zoo" Conni goes with her classmates from kindergarten to the zoo. There is much to see and discover. How do zebra cubs recognize their mother?



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