FIMO Soft set 12 colors 300g brilliant

Set FIMO Soft 12 different brilliant colors from the FIMO Soft range at 25 grams, total weight of 300 g, code 8023 C12-2, price per 1 set of 12 colors.

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lei59.50 (tax incl.)
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8023 C12-2
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Set FIMO Soft 12 brilliant colors - 300 g

The set of FIMO Soft code 8023 C12-2 brilliant contains the colors:

- white 0

- yellow 10

- orange 42

- salmon pink T20

- red 24

- blue 37

- turquoise 39

- light green 50

- emerald green 56

- purple 61

- light purple 62

- gray 80

The package is intended for beginners or children and can be given as a gift because the colors are packed in a box.

Price per 1 package containing 12 Fimo Soft colors at 25 grams each, a total of 300 grams.

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8023 C12-2

Data sheet

Polymeric clay
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