Self-adhesive wooden ladybugs 12*9mm 10pcs

Self-adhesive wooden ladybugs, red with black dots, size 12*8*5 mm, without string hole, price per 10 pieces.

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lei2.50 (tax incl.)
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Self-adhesive wood cones

Wooden ladybugs with self-adhesive material on the back (a small piece of paper must be peeled off). Ladybugs do not have a hole for stringing!

Extremely useful for quick and cheap decoration (eg: martisoare, baskets, decorative objects, envelopes, greeting cards, etc.).

The word "mărțișor" is a diminutive of March (little March) and means a small lucky charm that makes you stronger in the new year. Traditionally, the martisor is offered on a small white and red cord, throughout March. It is offered to close and loved ones. It is an extremely old custom, taken from the Dacians-Thracians. The colors white and red are mandatory for whatever martisor means.

Price on a set of 10 pieces.

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