Martisor accessories

Martisor accessories for making handmade martisoare: martisor strings (martisoare threads), martisoare bags, martisoare boxes, martisoare cartons, ready-made martisoare. Although it always seems to us that we still have time, it is good to stock up in advance with martisoare accessories for making handmade martisoare.

The word "mărțișor" is a diminutive of March (little March) and means a small lucky charm that makes you stronger in the new year. Traditionally, the martisor is offered on a small white and red cord, throughout March. It is offered to close and loved ones. It is an extremely old custom, taken from the Dacians-Thracians. The colors white and red are mandatory for whatever martisor means. More information can be found here:ărțișor.

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