FIMO mould zodiac signs

FIMO mould zodiac signs, code 8742-47, flexible, silicone, with 12 models of 5x5 cm, withstands from -15°C to + 80°C, price per 1 mold.

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FIMO Zodiac Signs Mould

FIMO Zodiac Signs Mold 8742-47 (FIMO Clay Mould Zodiac Signs) with models for the creation of 12 decorations of sizes 5x5 cm.

Product code: 8742-47.

Use FIMO zodiac signs mold

Different clays, modeling pastes, chocolate, ice cream or soap can be used for modeling. You can use FIMO Professional, FIMO Effect, FIMO SOFT, FIMOAir Basic, FIMOAir Light or any brand of polymer clay.

FIMO paste or other material that we want to shape, is inserted into the mold and pressed lightly until it takes the shape of the mold.

The FIMO mold is made of transparent plastic which has several properties: easy detachment of the material (FIMO paste), light and non-destructive bending, durability. It is specially designed for repeated use, as it is covered with an extremely resistant PE plastic foil.

Caution: FIMO paste will not harden in shape! Do not bake the FIMO paste in the mold and do not put it in the microwave! The mold withstands temperatures between -15 ° C and + 80 ° C.

FIMO Zodiac Signs mold price per 1 piece.

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