FIMO texture sheets: Decorative Trims

Sheet with textures: 10 DecorativeTrims, with precise contours, made of transparent plastic, resistant, size 16.5 * 15 cm, code 8744 16, price per 1 piece.

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FIMO texture sheets: Decorative Trims

FIMO Texture Sheets: Decorative Trims, for modeling paste, made of transparent plastic, with 10 models of ornamental borders: "Decorative Trims".

Product code Textured sheet FIMO: 8744 17.

Use FIMO textured sheet

The FIMO textured model with "Decorative Trims" textured sheet can be used with FIMO Professional, Soft, Effect, FIMOair or any polymer paste, ceramic clay, plaster, in the confectionery industry, etc.

It can be used to make jewelry, photo frames, lanterns, candle holders and greeting cards. It can also be used to create patterns on paper, using pencils, oil paints or colored pencils. Due to the transparency of the material, it is easier to place it exactly on the convex surfaces. The FIMO texture is distinguished by the high precision of the details on the printed surfaces and long service life.

The modeling paste is spread on a hard and straight top, with the help of the FIMO acrylic roll, then lightly press the textured sheet to print the pattern, also with the help of the acrylic roll. Carefully detach the model.

So that the model can be removed more easily and without traces, it can be easily sprayed with:

- a water sprayer

- baby powder

- silicone spay

- metal dust or powder. A protective layer of varnish over the powder will be added for finishing.

Skating is done with the help of abrasive sponges. With the help of glossy or semi-glossy varnish, the decorations will receive an extra gloss and at the same time will be protected.

The forms will be cleaned immediately after use with a soft cloth or, better, with wet baby wipes. In case of heavy dirt, use a toothpick, soap and water and a soft brush.

The shapes have the size of: width 16.5 cm, height 15 cm (useful about 16.5 * 14 cm).

FIMO textured sheet price per 1 piece.

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