BISON bicomponent epoxy adhesive 5min transparent 24ml

BISON epoxy dual-component adhesive, drying in 5 minutes, transparent, content 24 ml, for: porcelain, glass, leather, wood, stone, metal and ceramics.

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BISON component epoxy adhesive, transparent, fast drying, 24 ml

Two dual-component adhesive based on epoxy resins, very strong, fast curing (5 minutes).


- Fast.

- Transparent.

- Very strong.

- Universal.

- Suitable for fast, strong and transparent bonding of porcelain, glass, leather, wood, stone, metal and ceramic objects.

- Resists temperatures between 40°C and +100°C.

- Filling capacity.

- Resistance to contact with water.

- Chemical resistance.

- Can be painted.

Consumption: 24 ml for approximately 240 cm2 (layer thickness 1 mm).

The surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry and degreased. Smooth surfaces will need to be sanded. Undo the cap and seal. Press and release adhesive and curing agent in equal amounts 1:1 and then mix them well in the mixing tray. After mixing them, apply to one side or both if the materials are absorbent. Fix the two parts without pressing. Processing time: 5 minutes at room temperature (partial curing in 20 minutes). Wet residues can be removed with acetone, and hardened ones with a sharp object.

Price per 24 ml (2 * 12 ml).

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