Classic oven thermometer FIMO 10-250°C 8700-22

FIMO thermometer, for the preheating period of the oven, covered with rubber, measuring range 10-250°C, marked at 110°C for the hardening of the FIMO paste, code 8700-22.

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Product code 8700-22

FIMO oven thermometer for measuring the temperature in the oven during the preheating period of the oven. Because many do not have a thermometer in the oven, it is very useful in obtaining shapes from modeling paste, dried exactly as in the instructions for use.


The FIMO oven thermometer is used when we do not have a thermometer of its construction in our oven. When the oven is turned on to heat the oven, this thermometer is also inserted. So it is not inserted after the oven is heated, so as not to subject the thermometer to a sudden change in temperature and to disturb it. After the oven reaches 110 ° Celsius, remove the thermometer and insert the FIMO paste. Do not put in the oven hotter than 130 ° Celsius. Keep out of reach of children, use only by adults.

Price per 1 piece.

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