FIMO bead roller

FIMO roller: acrylic accessory from FIMO for making beads in 3 shapes: round, oval and biconical, code 8712, price per set.

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FIMO bead roller » FIMO accessories

FIMO roller for making beads, product code 8712

Roller for forming beads from FIMO paste (and not only). The roller is made of acrylic material, easy to use. There are 4 acrylic accessories in the box:

- the 2 parts of the roller, between which the beads are formed.

- a part that helps the right slide

- an accessory for dosing FIMO paste.

Roller use FIMO

With the help of the FIMO Bead Roller, beads of the following dimensions can be formed:

- biconical 11 * 11 mm

- oval (olive-shaped) 8 * 16 mm

- round with a diameter of 11 mm

By sliding the 2 parts on top of each other, the material inserted between them takes perfect shape, helping us to create the most beautiful handmade jewelry!

FIMO bead roller price per 1 piece.

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