FIMO bead piercing set

FIMO bead piercing pins set, 50 FIMO pins 9 cm long, of which 25 thin pieces of 0.8 mm and 25 pieces 1.8 mm thick, code 8712-20, price per set.

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Set of 50 FIMO bead piercing pins » FIMO accessories

Set of 50 FIMO piercing pins, product code: 8712-20.

FIMO piercing pins set - set of 50 metal pins used to model polymer paste, plasticine or clay. They are 25 pieces at a thickness of 0.8 mm and 25 pieces at a thickness of 1.7 mm, and have a length of 9 cm. Easy to clean. It is delivered in a plastic tube with a lid.

Use piercing pins set

FIMO needle set - used to pierce FIMO beads or FIMO material before hardening, without deforming.

The price is 1 set.

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