FIMO Grind'n polish set

FIMO Grind'n polish set: abrasive sheet set, 3 degrees of fineness: fine, superfine and microfine, washable and reusable, code 8700-08, price per 1 set.

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FIMO abrasive sponge set, product code: 8700-08

FIMO abrasive sheet set - set of 3 abrasive sponges with different asperities: fine, super fine and microfine. The sponges have the size of 9.5 cm * 12.5 cm. Abrasive sponges can be washed and reused.

FIMO Grind'n polish set - FIMO abrasive sponges are used for sanding and wet smoothing of various objects in polymer paste, after complete hardening. If, after sanding, FIMO varnish is also used, the results are better. They can be cut to a smaller size, washed for repeated reuse.

The price is 1 set.

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