Conni merge la fermă

"Conni merge la fermă" Conni goes to the farm. Conni makes a new friend. She shows Conni the yard and all the animals that live there.

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Conni merge la fermă

Conni goes on a farm vacation. Chicks and rabbits, cows and pigs live here - and Conni makes a new friend, Anca. She shows Conni the yard and all the animals that live there. And finally, Conni discovers where the milk comes from, which he drinks every morning.

Dear Parents,

Reading is important for the harmonious development of your child.

The first step on the reading path is to browse with the child and read picture books. Reading aloud is the best way to encourage reading in children, because:

• Reading aloud promotes closeness to the child.

• Reading aloud promotes the development of the child's language.

• Reading aloud will awaken in the child the joy of reading.

Read to the child!

It is ideal to read them for 15-20 minutes daily, in a quiet place. It is also important to read the child appropriate books for his age. The series MY FRIEND CONNI offers you many interesting stories, suitable for reading aloud.

We wish you a pleasant reading with your child!

Format: paperback cover

Age range: + 3 years

Author: Liane Schneider

Year of publication: 2018

Publisher: Casa Publishing House

Collection: My friend Conni

Number of pages: 24

Format: 190 x 190 mm

ISBN: 9786067870459

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"My Friend Conni" Collection
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+ 3 years
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