Bobita and Ladybug are gardening

"Bobita and Ladybug are gardening" - "Bobiță și Buburuză grădinăresc" the two stories in the book surprise Bobiţă, Buburuză, Fulguşor, and Vendel in new poses.

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"Bobita and Ladybug are gardening" - "Bobiță și Buburuză grădinăresc"

Readers who fell in love with the cute characters from the series "Bobită și Bururuza" have a reason to rejoice: a new book of the series has appeared, entitled "Bobită şi Bururuza gardnerescu". The two stories in the book - "Sunflowers" and "Mushroom Hat" - surprise Bobiţă, Buburuză, Fulguşor, Vendel and Biluţă in new poses.

In the first story, the little geese are gardening. The sunflowers, planted by Bobiță and Ladybug, are gnawed by a hyena, without a home and without any other source of food than the tender stems of the plants. Advised by Doctor Owl, the little creatures find a way to reconcile the owl.

The second story "The Mushroom Hat" features a mushroom bitter about the disappearance of his polka dot hat, stolen by some wood beetles, with the intention of using it as a boat. The canaries reveal the thieves, and the little geese set off for the stream where they summon the beetles to return the hat to the mushroom.

Dear Parents,

Reading is important for the harmonious development of your child.

The first step on the reading path is to browse with the child and read picture books. Reading aloud is the best way to encourage reading in children, because:

• Reading aloud promotes closeness to the child.

• Reading aloud promotes the development of the child's language.

• Reading aloud will awaken in the child the joy of reading.

Read to the child!

It is ideal to read them for 15-20 minutes daily, in a quiet place. It is also important to read the child appropriate books for his age. The series "Bobita and Ladybug" offers you many interesting stories, suitable for reading aloud.

We wish you a pleasant reading with your child!

Format: hardcover

Age range: + 3 years

Author: Bartos Erika

Year of publication: 2018

Publisher: Casa Publishing House

Collection: Bobita and Ladybug

Number of pages: 48

Format: 208 x 152 mm

ISBN: 9786067870398

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The collection "Bobita and Ladybug"
Age category
+ 3 years
Bartos Erika
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208 x 152
Crăciun-Bökös Emese
Bartos Erika
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