Staedtler classic digital pencil with 5 refills for EMR screen

Staedtler Noris Classic Digital Pencil for EMR Touch Screens, 07mm Fineness, Hex, with 5 Spare Leads Included, 4096 Different Pressure Levels, No Charging or Pairing Required.

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Classic Noris EMR Staedtler screen digital pencil with 5 refills

- Material: WOPEX wood-based material

- Number of pressure levels 4,096

- Pencil point (fineness) 0.7 millimeters

- 0.7mm fine lead, replaceable

- Five spare mines and a replacement tool

- Approx. dimensions 175 x 7.5 mm

- Approx. weight 8.7 g

- Integrated soft eraser

- Classic hexagonal shape for a natural writing and drawing feel

- No loading and pairing

Smooth writing and drawing on touchscreens with electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology

Palm Rejection: Only the tip of the pencil is recognized and your palm will be ignored

Wood content from PEFC-certified German forests


Reinventing the tried and tested

Tradition meets innovation

At first glance, the STAEDTLER Noris digital looks exactly like a normal pencil and feels like one too - but it's actually a stylus for tablets, smartphones and notebooks (please check the compatibility list in the attached file).

New possibilities

It is used on displays in the same way that a traditional pencil is used on paper. Whether you're traveling, studying, at the office, drawing or at home writing down grandma's recipes - a digital pen gives you more options.


Brilliant technology

The key component of Noris digital is the innovative EMR leadership from our partner WACOM. This technology allows the pen to use an electromagnetic field generated by the display of the device (tablet, smartphone or notebook) and interact with it inductively.

Easy writing

This technology allows you to place your palm on the display to make writing more comfortable, just like you would with paper (feature depends on the app. Our recommendations can be found here). Thanks to this and the ergonomic shape of the Noris digital, you can write without hand fatigue. You can highlight text and make notes in PDFs, for example on lecture notes, then share them without having to print multiple pages. This not only saves paper but also time.


It feels exactly like a pencil

Like our pencils and colored pencils, the pen is made from WOPEX wood-based material. Thanks to 4,096 pressure levels, you can intuitively vary the width of a stroke, just like with a pencil. Simply tap harder or slower with the stylus (this feature depends on the app you're using). Even the precise 0.7 mm writing point was modeled on a classic pencil.

Natural inspiration

The whole look of the pen is based on an analog pencil. This means that this is the ideal tool for digital artists. Let your creativity run wild and create sketches, detailed drawings or your next work of art.


No dead batteries or annoying cables

Thanks to its advanced technology, the pen does not need a battery and therefore never needs to be charged. In addition, it does not need to be associated with the device or require the installation of a driver.

Comfortable use

Noris digital can be used anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at home, at school, in the office or even on the go - just unpack and get started.


Familiar handling

The writing angle of the Noris digital is very flexible (between 40 and 140º). It feels immediately familiar, meaning you can use the device naturally and gives you full control over display inputs.

Effective presentation

Anyone who picks up Noris digital can use it intuitively. Use it to make your presentations and discussions more creative and effective - even live in meetings.


Admirably simple

Noris digital jumbo is the improved version of our classic Noris digital. The analog stylus design has been maintained and supplemented with a soft digital eraser, allowing you to erase text and drawings from the display and correct errors by simply rotating the pen. (Please check the compatibility list and the selection of recommended apps)

Unique feeling

Noris digital has a thick ergonomic, triangular and comfortable shape. The eraser on the end of the pen is so soft that using it on displays feels familiar - like using an eraser on a piece of paper.

Digital learning

Due to its thicker shape, it is particularly suitable for children's hands and is therefore ideal for first writing and drawing exercises on digital devices. Kids just won't want to put it down.

Quick and easy fixes

In addition to allowing you to write accurately, Noris digital also allows you to quickly correct mistakes by rotating the pen (please check the compatibility list and selection of recommended applications).

Noris digital is compatible with a variety of smartphones, tablets and notebooks with EMR technology.

Please check if your device has EMR.

Whether you're just getting started in digital creation, want to add a twist to visual thinking, or are looking to improve your digital expression, Wacom One offers a great experience. It comes with all the essentials to spice up your digital life. There's the natural feel of the pen on the 13.3" screen, creative software included - even the ability to connect to select Android devices. Pair with STAEDTLER's digital Noris and open up a new world of possibilities!

The perfect apps

In combination with the right apps and programs, Noris digital becomes a multi-tool creative tool.

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