FIMO semi-gloss varnish 35ml

FIMO Semi-Gloss Varnish - semi glossy water-based varnish, transparent after drying, code 8705-01, price per 1 bottle of 35 ml.

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FIMO Semi Gloss Varnish 35 ml

FIMO Varnish - 35 ml semi glossy varnish FIMO bottle, code 8705-01. FIMO varnish is water-based, scratch-resistant after complete drying and is transparent and odorless when dry.

FIMO Varnish use

FIMO Varnish is used over the modeling paste when desired:

- a semi glossy appearance

- protection of the work from FIMO paste

- watterproof

- intensification of the basic color, over which the varnish is applied (FIMO varnish).

It is used together with the pastes a FIMO (Professional, Effect, Soft), FIMOair or with any other type of polymeric paste. It dries in 20 minutes, but dries completely in 24 hours.

FIMO Semi Gloss Varnish price per piece.

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